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Medisra Group is a Croatia-owned Licensed Processor/Facility and leading provider of high quality, organic Industrial Hemp. 

Our main goal is maximizing research findings and strictly adhering to best-in-class practices, quality standards and procedures. Many years of research experiences helped us to understand best management practices for harvesting, storage and separation of industrial hemp. These experiences will help guide our production practices to ensure the strict quality requirements for Industrial Hemp processing.

Pure organic Flowers and Seeds

100% of material we process has been grown in Croatian farms, run in accordance with the rules of sustainable farming, without the use of any pesticides. We grow only certified varieties and whole hemp processing is entirely Croatian production. It is not a psychoactive. It contains a rare cannabinoids CBD, THC less than 0.2 % and other beneficial cannabinoids. Our production is free from pesticides, heavy metals and GMO.

Organic Hemp growing

Croatia has warm climate, rich soils free of toxins and very clean environment which makes it an ideal area for growing hemp. We cooperate with Croatian eco farmers with eco certificates, and our control body alone monitor standards of cultivation, followed by a continuous and regular process of our analysis and expert quality control. Hemp fibers are tested for tensile strength and fineness. Moisture content is recorded during every stage of the growing. The THC content of the plant is also contiguously tested to make sure that the level does not exceed the 0.2% mark.

Power and Purity

We control and evolve our own processes – we use only organic Industrial Hemp, we separate our hemp using only our processing line, we additionally clean seeds for even higher quality. We can provide our hemp in different forms and varieties according to your own needs. It is in our interest that our processed hemp plant materials meet all your requirements for further processing into products for sale.

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